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High Pressure Portable Wireless Cleaner Hose Set 13L 0.9Mpa / 130psi A/B/C Kit


Portable Wireless High Pressure Cleaner Hose Set 13L 0.9Mpa / 130psi A/B/C Kit
High Pressure Portable Wireless Cleaner Hose Set 13L 0.9Mpa / 130psi A/B/C Kit $99.99$115.99

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Introducing the​ Portable High Pressure Cleaner, Model: F01561. This high-quality cleaning⁤ tool ⁤is made from durable ABS plastic and comes in a​ sleek black color. It features a 5-meter‌ outlet length ⁤and has a water storage capacity of‍ 13L.

The working pressure of this cleaner is 0.9Mpa / 130psi, and it has a flow rate of 90-120L. One of the standout features of this ⁤product is its comfortable grip. The ergonomic design allows for easy one-handed operation. Simply press and hold to start, and release ⁢to⁤ stop.

The 5m filter hose is designed to⁢ be explosion-proof, ensuring no leakage and‍ excellent‌ sealing. Just insert it directly into the water inlet and you’re good to go. This high-pressure cleaner is incredibly flexible and easy to use. You ⁣can clean anywhere there is water, including using a bucket, bottle,​ stream, or⁤ pool.

Please note that this product needs to be connected to a ⁢car lighter before it ⁣can be used.

Depending on your needs, we offer three different packages:

Package ‌A includes⁤ the Portable Pressure Cleaner, a Multifunctional pole, a 5m inlet pipe, a Faucet ⁤connector, two Water connections, a Metal​ filter, and a Manual.

Package B includes everything ⁤in Package A, plus a Foam pot and a Storage bag.

Package C includes everything in Package B, plus a Long brush and a 45-degree​ nozzle pole.