High Pressure Steam Cleaner Home Handheld Kit, 2600W Automatic Cleaning Machine


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2600W High Pressure Steam Cleaner Automatic Cleaning Machine Home Handheld Kit
High Pressure Steam Cleaner Home Handheld Kit, 2600W Automatic Cleaning Machine $96.99

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Introducing the High-Pressure Steam Cleaner Machine, a powerful cleaning tool that’s perfect for tackling stubborn dirt and grime. This machine is a blend of plastic and metal, ensuring durability and longevity. Its compact size of 19x8x12cm makes it easy to handle and store.

The machine comes with a 1.0m inlet pipe, a 1.8m power cable, and a 2.5m steam pipe, providing you with ample reach for all your cleaning tasks. It operates on a 220V power supply and boasts a robust power output of 2600W. The water consumption rate is between 100-200ml/min, making it an efficient choice for your cleaning needs.

One of the standout features of this steam cleaner is its ability to generate steam pressure greater than 5KGF/CM2 and maintain a working temperature above 100℃. This makes it incredibly effective at removing oil, dust, and other stubborn dirt. Plus, it offers 360° all-round cleaning for comprehensive coverage.

The machine is designed with an aluminum alloy body, which enhances its heat collecting efficiency. It can quickly reach a temperature of about 100°C, ensuring fast and effective degreasing. The machine is also energy-efficient, requiring less water and no detergent, making it an eco-friendly choice.

The steam cleaner is equipped with a high-pressure, high-temperature steam system and a strong spray force. It also features anti-dry and automatic temperature control reset protections for safe operation. The gasification part of the machine has a circular design with identical inlet and outlet apertures for instant vaporization.

The machine sports an ultra-thin design, making it small, exquisite, and easy to handle. Its durable plastic shell is made of new materials that are flame retardant, heat-insulating, and non-conductive, ensuring safe usage.

Operating the machine is a breeze. Simply turn on the switch and you’re good to go. The package includes 1 large nozzle, 1 machine, 2 brushes, and 2 steel brushes.

Please note that when using the machine, the steam vents should not be aimed at people, animals, or electrical products. Also, when replacing accessories, ensure the air vent has completely stopped and do not touch the jet switch. If you encounter any issues during use, immediately turn off the power and consult a professional.

Please allow a 1-2CM difference due to manual measurement. Also, due to varying display and lighting conditions, the actual color of the item may differ from the pictures.