High-Quality 5-Inch Wool Polishing Pad for Buffers


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125mm 5 Inch Wool Polishing Buffing Pad Polisher
High-Quality 5-Inch Wool Polishing Pad for Buffers $8.99

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Product Name: 125mm 5 Inch Wool Polishing ‌Buffing ‌Pad Polisher

Product Description: This is a high-quality 5-inch wool polishing buffing pad, perfect for bringing a shine to a variety of surfaces.‌

Specifications: The pad​ is white in ⁣color and made from wool. It’s designed for a range of applications including marble polishing, stainless steel‍ polishing, and polishing painted doors. The pad features a back velvet type and⁤ is⁣ part of a series designed for polishing, waxing, and grinding.

Features:⁤ This buffing pad⁢ is ⁣primarily used for polishing marble and stainless ⁤steel, as well as painted doors. It’s a favorite among ship manufacturers. It ⁣can be used with either a pneumatic or‍ electric polishing machine ⁣and‍ is known for its high grinding efficiency.

Instructions: To ensure⁢ optimal polishing ⁤results, ⁣the vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned before waxing. The wool wheel should be used with a ⁣self-adhesive disc. ‍Please ‍note that the initial use may⁣ result in slight hair loss. To mitigate this, install the ⁣pad ⁢on a machine and run it at​ high speed for at least ⁤5 ⁤minutes‌ before use.

Note: For best results, wax ‌your car in the shade. High temperatures can reduce the adhesion of the ⁢wax, affecting⁢ the final⁣ result. When waxing, move the⁢ sponge in a straight line‌ back and forth, not in a circular motion,⁤ to prevent uneven coating. After waxing, polish within ⁣a predetermined time. Unpolished ⁤vehicles should ‍not be driven on the road ⁣as this can lead to paint ⁤scratches. After polishing, carefully check and remove any remnants of car wax from license plates, lights, doors, etc., to prevent​ corrosion. ‍Please note that due to manual measurement, there might be some error.

Package Includes: 1⁤ x wool⁢ buffing pad

More Details: Please refer to the images below for ⁣a ⁤closer look at the product.