High-Quality Leather Welding Gloves: Heat and Fire Resistant Gauntlets


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High-Quality Leather Welding Gloves: Heat and Fire Resistant Gauntlets $8.99

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Immerse yourself in a world of high-quality protection⁤ with our⁢ extremely heat-resistant gloves. Crafted ⁣from premium cow split leather with a thickness ⁢depth of above 1.2mm, these gloves ‍provide heat‌ insulation, fireproof properties, and a soft, sweat-absorbent cotton⁤ interior. Complemented by the durability of denim cuffs, they can withstand temperatures ​of at least 662 °F(350°C), enabling you to comfortably handle most high-temperature tasks.

Experience the perfect blend⁣ of thickness, softness, and flexibility, thanks to the material derived from select parts of the cow. They are not just heat and fire resistant, but also are puncture and cut ​resistant with moderate oil resistance. ​The result is increased work efficiency as you​ go about your tasks‍ without fear of injuries.

Their durability⁣ is taken a notch higher with durable stitching. The use of heat-resistant thread means​ these gloves aren’t⁣ easily susceptible to breakage, ⁣making them perfect for high-temperature‍ tasks. The reinforced palm⁣ cushions ​your hands when working with heavy or⁣ sharp objects. ​And their magnificent performance knows no bounds – they’re perfect​ for heavy-duty ‍welding, gripping hot items​ such as stove & cookware, and ⁣handling burning coal ⁣or firewood.

Versatility is⁣ another key strength inherent in these gloves. With a stellar combination of robust ​features ‌and excellent ​quality, they find utility in Welding,⁢ Grilling, Operating⁣ Wood Stoves, Ovens, Fireplaces, Gardening, Camping, Campfire, Animal Handling, amongst welders, and much more.

Type: Leather Gloves
Function: Heat & Fire Resistant
Material: Leather
Color: White/Black/Brown/Grey
Size: ⁣37cm x 15cm / 14.5inch x⁢ 5.9inch
Package includes:⁢ 1‍ x Pair⁤ of ‌Gloves

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