HILDA 1000W Electric Air Blower for Computer Cleaning


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HILDA 1000W Air Blower Computer Cleaner Electric Air Blower Dust Blowing Dust Computer Dust Collector Blower
HILDA 1000W Electric Air Blower for Computer Cleaning $50.99

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Description: Introducing the HILDA⁣ Air Blower 1000W, a versatile tool designed to keep ​your spaces ⁤dust-free. This high-powered electric air blower doubles as a ​dust collector, making ‌it an essential addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Product Name: High-power Blower
Model: JS-EB17A
Color: Striking Orange and Black
Rated Power: ⁤1000W
Rated ‌Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Speed: 15000-18000rpm
Insulation Grade: Ⅱ
Air Volume: 2.8m³/min
Quantity: ⁤1 Pc ×High-power Blower

– The blower offers a dual blow-suction function that can be easily controlled,‌ allowing ⁣you to ⁤reach every nook and cranny of your home.
– The suction function⁣ is perfect for dust​ removal on baseboards, cleaning inside ‌vehicles, and dusting ⁣furniture corners.
– The blow ‌function is ideal for dusting computer⁤ cases,​ curtains, and bedding.
– The high-power motor utilizes constant temperature⁣ technology to ensure stable performance during high-intensity operations.
– The shell is crafted from high-quality material to prevent machine aging.

1. Air Duct
2. Power Button 
3. Lock ⁢Switch Button
4. Grip Handle
5. HILDA Logo
6.‌ Inlet

Package Included:
1 ​Pc ×High-power Blower

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