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Cable Storage Box Power Cord Wire Case Home Charger Socket Tidy Organizer Holder
Home Charger Socket Power Cord Cable Storage Box Organizer $15.99

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Discover the perfect solution ⁣to‍ decluttering your device-charging area. These cable storage boxes are designed to‍ seamlessly integrate with the majority of plug-ins,⁤ ensuring compatibility isn’t a worry. Made from eco-friendly ⁤ABS ​material, they are reliable and hard-wearing – perfect for ‍long-term use.

Each box ⁢comes with ​a removable lid, offering easy access to ⁢your charging cables and⁤ providing‌ a seamless experience for storing and ​retrieving them. You’ll notice a hollow ‍heat sink at the box’s bottom, cleverly⁤ engineered to ‌facilitate effective heat dissipation from the⁤ plug-in board, ensuring safety⁢ and improved device longevity.

You can‌ choose ⁤from⁢ two tastefully minimalist colors – cool⁢ grey or stark white. The product dimensions are⁣ 28.8 x ⁤13.6 x 14 cm (or approximately 11.34 x 5.35 x 5.51 in), making​ it suitable to fit⁣ comfortably on a desk, bedside table, or entertainment unit.

The‌ package includes‌ 1 Cable⁣ Storage Box. (Please note that the instruction manual and other decorations shown in the image are not⁤ included).

Take a look at the selection of images below to appreciate its design and functionality – a must-have for​ every modern home!