Indoor Electric Grill – Smokeless Cooker for Convenient & Healthy Cooking


A smokeless electric grill that’s perfect for indoor use; It has an oil drainer drawer that catches oil drippings
It has a smart temperature control knob on the side and a non-stick surface
It’s perfect for urban living and for those who do not have so much time to prepare their meals
Size: 537 x 265 mm / Weight: 3.5 kg / Voltage: 220 V
Material: Carbon Steel + Teflon
Package Content:

1 x Smokeless Indoor Grill

Smokeless Indoor Grill Electric Cooker
Indoor Electric Grill - Smokeless Cooker for Convenient & Healthy Cooking $237.48

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Electric Indoor Smokeless Grill
Do you find yourself always on the go with limited time for preparing meals? Wish for a more efficient method of cooking? Consider this electric indoor smokeless grill. This grill can be placed directly on the table for convenient and quick cooking. It’s an ideal solution for urban living, catering to individuals or families with a hectic, fast-paced lifestyle. This grill allows you to cook on the table, serving the food directly onto your plate. Prepare and pre-cut your meat and vegetables ahead of time, store them in the fridge, and they’re ready to be cooked when you are. This smokeless indoor grill is a practical addition to busy urban households, particularly for those who have little time for elaborate meal preparation. Being smokeless, it’s also an ideal option for indoor usage.

Smokeless Benefits

What sets this electric grill apart from its counterparts is its smokeless feature. This grill does not emit large clouds of smoke while you’re cooking, making it practical even in small living spaces with limited ventilation. In addition, it is equipped with smart temperature controls, allowing you to easily adjust the heat to your liking. Rest assured, the temperature will not go too high to prevent any chances of burning your food. This grill also boasts a non-stick surface, reducing the need for excessive oil and making clean-up a breeze.

Tabletop Design

Compact and sleek, this electric smokeless grill is designed to fit perfectly on your tabletop. The grill stand raises the cooking surface about an inch or two off the table, ensuring your table surface remains safe and unscathed.