Industrial Plastic Welding Torch and Heat Shrinkable Hair Dryer


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Hot Air Gun Industrial Plastic Welding Torch Wind Rushing Machine baking Guun Heat Shrinkable Hair Dryer
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Let’s delve into more‌ specifics about ⁣this​ brilliant⁣ home DIY⁤ tool. Here we have a high-powered hot air‌ gun, ⁣outfitted with an EU plug type ⁤for compatibility. Its mighty ‍power rating is an impressive 2500W, and it operates at a voltage ⁤of 220V. It’s proudly made‌ in‍ China and has a test⁣ output power ⁣of 2500W.

This‍ handy tool is perfect for those who love DIY projects⁣ around the house. In terms of functionality, it’s on par with the‍ best, offering you both hot and ⁤cold air options to suit various tasks.

One⁢ of the weapon’s most⁤ impressive ⁣features is its manageable ⁤weight⁤ of only 900g, making it ‌easy for you to work for extended periods without straining.⁣

Most ⁣importantly, it includes an essential infinite temperature⁢ adjustment button ‍located at the ​gun’s ⁢end. A simple rotation allows you to achieve any constant⁣ temperature adjustment between 60-650℃,⁣ making temperature regulation a breeze.

The package ⁣includes one ‌hot air gun.