Introducing the New Push Pull Meter: Precision Testing from 10N-500N


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New Push Pull Tester 10N-500N Pointers Push Pull Meter
Introducing the New Push Pull Meter: Precision Testing from 10N-500N $120.99

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Immerse yourself in the wonders of this highly sophisticated tool, loaded with state-of-the-art features, ready to transform your workspace. Compact and handheld, this snazzy device can quickly adapt to a range of fixtures, thus boosting its functionality.

Featuring pointers for simplistic and accurate readings, this finely calibrated equipment guarantees pinpoint precision in its measures. It provides a hold function and continuous load instructions that can be switched seamlessly, providing an experience of unmitigated convenience.

Enjoy the ability to have Newtons and Kilograms displayed concurrently, eliminating the need for complex unit conversion. Customization is a breeze with this versatile tool. Plus, a unique tolerance zone indicator amplifies its status as an industry-revolutionizing gadget.


Feel the power at your fingertips with a capacity ranging from 10-500 N. Experience razor-sharp precision with a 2.0 N Lead Resolution and a whopping ±1%FS accuracy.

Sleek, compact and easy to carry around, this force gauge is the ideal contender for carrying out thrust and tensile testing with utmost efficiency.

From household appliances, textiles, construction hardware, lighters, ignition devices, fire equipment to pens, locks and fishing gear – this tool is set to revolutionize your industry.

You will also appreciate the convenience of the switching operation knob and the load value indicator that ensures smooth operations.

What’s in the box:

You’ll find 1 x Pointers Push Pull Tester in the package, ready to assist you.

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