Iwata 16W Master R E OLED Display Handheld LED Video Light with Full RGB Color, Built-in 2200mAh Battery


IWATA 16W Master R E Handheld RGB Colorful Full Color Lce Stick LED Video Light OLED Display with 2200mAh Built-in Battery
Iwata 16W Master R E OLED Display Handheld LED Video Light with Full RGB Color, Built-in 2200mAh Battery $199.99

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Product Description:

The IWATA Master R MA-01 comes with advanced features suitable for providing studio-quality lighting in a compact design that’s easy to transport. Choose from a broad color temperature range (from 2000-9999K) to find the light that suits your setting best. The product boasts a high CRI≥96 and TLCI≥98 color rendering index. It also allows a full RGB HIS and offers up to 21 different lighting effects.

One of the IWATA Master’s unique design features is its ability to limit the light beam angle inside the light tube. This lets you control the light diffusion range very easily (from 0 to approximately 170°). Featuring a range of light effect modes, it delivers a wider and more practical color temperature range compared to ordinary LED photography lights.

Equipped with a double preset light effect function, the IWATA Master allows you to plan in advance the required light effect for particular shooting scenes, enabling you to switch settings seamlessly and significantly boosting shooting efficiency.

Charge as you use with the Type-c interface. With a built-in 2200mAh high-performance lithium battery, a full power output lasts for 2 hours, but at 1% output power, the battery life extends up to 64 hours. (Please note, the AC adapter is not included in the pack.)

This compact and portable light stands at 42.3cm and weighs only 0.68kg. It features a dual swivel design that ensures smooth control. Its ergonomic design also reduces noise when adjusting the swivel’s position. Other features on the IWATA Master include an OLED display and a dual mount design (1/4 nut & Arca mount), making it compatible with most tripods and light stands in the market.

The essential specifications of this product include its full power of 16W and its light effect scenes which range from Flame 1 Lightnings, Firework, Warning Light, Color Cycle, to Party Flash. This versatile product also has a hue range of 0–360 and a saturability range of 0–100%. Regarding its physical attributes, the IWATA Master measures 425 x 38mm and weighs 680g.

The package includes 1 x LED Fill Light.

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