JH APT-100 Auto Pressure Transmitter Oscilloscope Cylinder Exhaust Pressure Zero Calibration Ideal for Various Oscilloscopes


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JH APT-100 Auto Pressure Transmitter Oscilloscope Cylinder Exhaust Pressure Zero Calibration Ideal for Various Oscilloscopes $281.99

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Discover precision like never before with our advanced Automotive Cylinder Pressure Transmitter, sporting the model number JH APT-100. It features four digital channels and boasts a maximum waveform capture rate of 100,000 wfm/s. The impressive real time sampling rate stands at 1GSa/S with a bandwidth range of 100-349MHz.

Three unique settings corresponding to RAN red, green, and blue lights are available for multivariate pressure analyses.

The RAN red light supports a pressure range of -15 to 500psi(34.5bar), translating to 1V/100psi(6.89bar), making it suitable for running cylinder compression tests.

The mechanism of the RAN green light ensures excellent performance for vacuum tests with its scale of -15 to 50psi(3.45bar) and a corresponding 1V/10psi(0.689bar).

Meanwhile, the RAN blue light setting, engages from -2.5 to 5psi(0.345bar) and an equivalent 1V/1psi(0.0689bar). This is particularly ideal for examining small pressures or pulses, such as exhaust back pressures. With its minimum pressure change response time being more than 2uS, it stands out from competitors.

This remarkable Pressure Transmitter is designed to operate within a temperature range of – 10C – 60C. The resilience of the device is further exemplified by its battery capacity of 3600mA which allows for over 10 hours of usage at a stretch.

Worried about the battery status? Fret not. A three-level display lets you know the exact power status: green for sufficient battery, blue for normal power, and red indicates low battery. It’s advisable to charge when you spot a red signal. Rest assured, the device is equipped with a charging LED that flashes while the device is being powered up.

Moreover, the Charging voltage is 3.7V and it takes just about 4 to 5 hours to be fully charged.

The package includes a Pressure Transmitter (battery not included), a Charging head (EU/US Plug), a Charging line, a BNC-BNC line, a Manual in a U disk, a Connection hose, an Extension connecting aluminum rod, a set of small screws, and M10/M14/M16/M18 Adapters.

Please note: a plug adapter will be included in your package, adjusted according to your country.

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We encourage you to explore the world of precise measurements with our state-of-the-art Pressure Transmitter.