KGUSS BL50 PRO: Digital Audio Amplifier with Bluetooth 5.0


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KGUSS BL50 PRO TPA3116D2 QCC3003 bluetooth 5.0 2x50W Digital Power Audio Amplifier
KGUSS BL50 PRO: Digital Audio Amplifier with Bluetooth 5.0 $57.99

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Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, this product delivers faster transmission speeds and more stable signals, while using less energy. It effectively functions within a 10-meter range and is compatible with 99% of smartphones, computers, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Using the QCC3003 chip, it supports 3D Stereo, HFP, 12S, and sbcapple-acc.

Designed with an AUX input and a standard 3.5mm interface, it can connect with all digital devices having a 3.5mm interface – smartphones, notebooks, desktop computers, PSPs, CDs, and more.

It includes independent controls for treble and bass, allowing users to adjust the sound to their liking.

It is constructed with high-end components fit for audiophiles, such as the TPA3116 chip. It can produce a maximum output of 100W, very little heat, and minimal distortion, but offer a larger dynamic, making it ideal for driving 3-6-inch speakers for a home audio system.

Designed with a dedicated digital power amplifier circuit and an inductor for clear, delicate sound and clear dynamic display. It has better anti-interference properties.

Equipped with 3*TL072 independent op amps, it can satisfy various listening tastes and better match with different devices.

Its soft-start power switch enhances safety and reliability by protecting the speaker from impact and reducing interference when turned on.

Package includes the KGUSS BL50 PRO Amplifier and a power adapter.