Kid’s Educational Tambourine – Early Learning Musical Toy


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Kid's Educational Tambourine - Early Learning Musical Toy $7.99

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This instrument is designed to nurture⁤ children’s listening skills. ⁢It additionally ​provides a valuable tool for improving the coordination between their eyes and hands.


Furnished with five petite ⁢bells, it creates engaging sounds when shaken, successfully drawing a child’s interest. ‌It ‌not only hones a ⁣child’s⁣ listening skills but also ​educates them⁢ about rhythm‌ and beats. Furthermore, it strengthens their hand-eye coordination.

Made from materials​ of excellent quality that are also environmentally friendly, this instrument is⁣ essential for nurturing ‌future ‍musicians.


Main Material:‍ Wood, Metal,⁢ and Leather

Item Size: Approximately 11.5 ⁣* 10⁣ * 2cm / ‌4.5 * 3.9 *​ 0.8in

Item Weight: Approximately 95g / 3.4oz

Package‍ Size: Approximately 15 * 13.5 * 2cm / 5.9 ‌* 5.3⁢ * 0.8in

Package Weight: Approximately⁢ 96g / 3.4oz

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