Kids Mermaid Swim Fin – Fun and Safe Swimming Flipper for Children


Swim just like a mermaid and have your very tail fin by wearing this mermaid flipper
This mermaid flipper fin is safe and reliable to wear when swimming and great for swim training
It has an adjustable strap so you can fit it comfortably on your feet and swim with no problem
Material: PP + TPE + Silicone
Suitable Shoe Size: 25-32
Size: 40 x 40cm or  15.7 x 15.7in
Package Content:

1  x Mermaid Flipper Kids Swimming Fin

Mermaid Flipper Kids Swimming Fin
Kids Mermaid Swim Fin - Fun and Safe Swimming Flipper for Children $29.58

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Product Description:

Mermaid Flipper Kids Swimming Fin

For children who dream of becoming enchanting mermaids, this mermaid flipper kids swimming fin could be the closest they get to realizing their fantasies. Sparking imaginations as vibrant as mythical sea creatures, this flipper captures the allure of becoming a swimming mermaid. Designed for both fun and functional use, it can be used as a training tool to make swimming lessons more engaging and enjoyable for children.

Silicone Tail

Unlike traditional flippers worn on each foot separately, the mermaid flipper is designed to be worn on both feet simultaneously, emulating the look and movement of a mermaid’s tail. This unique design allows children to paddle with both feet at the same time, fostering a comfortable, safe, and effective swimming experience. Crafted from slightly flexible silicone material, the mermaid tail flipper can easily adjust to movement and glide effortlessly through the water, enhancing swimming performance.

Adjustable and Colorful

The mermaid flipper is accompanied by an adjustable, secure strap ensuring a personalized fit and maximum comfort. To further appeal to its young users, the flipper is available in vibrant colors, echoing the enchanting, colorful world of mermaids.