KKNOON K618 Portable Handheld Cable Tester – 500M Range, LCD Display, Supports POE Test & 3 ID Pairing


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KKNOON K618 Portable Handheld Cable Tester - 500M Range, LCD Display, Supports POE Test & 3 ID Pairing $55.99

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This product is a meter that features cable tracing and cable length measurement capabilities. It shines in providing long tracing distance, clear sound signals, and precise cable length measurement. It serves as an essential tool for laboratories, factories, radio enthusiasts, network installers, and technicians. It has the capacity to measure network cable length, pinpoint short circuits, and detect circuit breaks in real-time.

One of the key features is its cable tracing function. It aids in swiftly and efficiently locating the target cable among a sea of cables. This function is applicable to a variety of systems including telephone, computer networks, BNC cables, and other metal network cables.


Cable Tracing Function: Quick and efficient in finding target cables in a vast array of cables. Applicable to telephone systems, computer networks, BNC cables, and other metal network cables.

Cable Length Test: Can be applied to different metal cables with at least two cores, including network cables, telephone lines, and BNC cables.

POE Test: Can check the cable mapping polarity and voltage of POE network switches.

Multifunctional Cable Tester: Features analogue tracing, cable mapping, PoE voltage measuring, adjustable digital tracing sensitivity, and more.

LCD display with Flashlight: Comes with a large LCD display for improved user experience and a flashlight for situations with low lighting.

Multimeter Function: Includes measurement capabilities for both DC and AC voltage, current, resistance, continuity, diode, and temperature.

500M Network Cable Length Measuring Range.

ID Pairing Function: Includes 3pcs ID pairing accessory for simplified ID pairing function execution.


Material: ABS

Color: Orange

Analogue Tracing: Available

Switch Tracing (w/ POE): Available

Cable Mapping: Available

Switch Indicators Flashing: Available

Noisy Free Digital Tracing: Available in Digital/Vibration

PoE Voltage Measuring: Tests voltage polarity

Analogue Bargraph: Available

NCV Detection: Available

Network Cable Length Measure: 500M


Host: Built-in lithium battery, 1250mAh (included)

Receiver: Requires 1 * 9V battery (NOT INCLUDED)

Package Size: 218 * 158 * 50mm / 8.6 * 6.2 * 2.0in

Package Weight: 624g / 1.4lb

Multimeter Specifications

Direct Current Voltage: 400mV~1000V±(0.8%+3)

AC Voltage: 4V~400V±(1.5%+5)

Direct Current Current: 1.0A~10.0A±(1.2%+4)

AC Current: 1.0A ~10.0A±(2.0%+5)

Resistance: 200Ω ~20MΩ±(2%+6)

Continuity: Buzzer beeps for continuity less than 50Ω

Diode: Available

Temperature (K-type): -20~1000°C±(2.0%+15)

Packing List

1 * Host

1 * Storage Bag

1 * Receiver

1 * User Manual

1 * Clip Line

1 * Network Cable

1 * Recharging Line

1 * Temperature Probes

1 * Multimeter Probes

3 * Remote ID Mapping Tool