KL5205 520W DC Electronic Load Battery Capacity Tester with Programmable Load Meter


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KL5100/KL5101/KL5102/KL5104/KL5105 110V/220V 500W Programmable DC Electronic Load  Load Meter Battery Capacity Internal Resistance Tester 1-500V 0-60A Battery Tester
KL5205 520W DC Electronic Load Battery Capacity Tester with Programmable Load Meter $549.99

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The⁣ KL5205 electronic load series is engineered for⁢ laboratory engineers and simple tests in production and ​development. This new electronic load prides itself on its multiplicity ⁤of features, ease of use, and commendable accuracy. High precision testing is its key feature,​ while ⁤the excellent cost-performance ratio suits those with stringent budgets and high⁤ requirements.

Key Features:
Featuring ​an adjustable brightness⁤ level, the car ⁣LCD liquid crystal display offers a clear and comfortable view.
The digital keyboard provides swift and easy input handling.
An integrated high-speed communication‌ interface ensures quick data transfer and synchronisation.
It‍ guarantees measurements with high resolution and impressive accuracy.
Safety mechanisms ⁢such ⁤as ⁣over-current, over-voltage/power, ‌overheating and reverse⁣ polarity protection are in‌ place.
The device operates on‍ constant voltage and current,⁤ constant ​resistance and constant​ power modes.
Rotary coding switch ⁤for quick and easy‍ operation.
It also provides far terminal measurement capabilities, ‌an automatic testing function, and⁤ a battery and resistance testing modality.
A multi-step suite test function can be customised‍ according to needs.
Short‌ circuit ​and dynamic test​ functions are available too.
Temperature ‍control ⁣capability ⁣and a high-speed fan with PWM ⁤control ensure a steady operation ⁢temperature.
The device is ⁢equipped with a ‍built-in buzzer that sends out ‍warnings or tips.
It can remember the power setting with the ‘keep memory’ function.
The device can be monitored via computer ⁤software.
The electronic load⁤ series can be ⁢operated on a 110V / 220V⁤ AC power supply.

Product Specifications:
This table indicates the values‌ for the standard‍ type⁢ No. of KL5100, KL5101, KL5102, KL5104, KL5205. Specifications include input voltages, power consumption,⁢ load input⁢ and measurement accuracy. It also shows control precision and protection ‌aspects like overpressure, temperature, power, ​and ‍overcurrent. A⁢ TTL level full-duplex serial interface ⁤is available for programming. ⁢Various working‍ modes‍ and functions ⁣include automatic test, dynamic ‍test, battery test,​ and OCP test. It also‌ provides​ a list of test functions and additional‍ external ‌trigger‌ and far⁣ end​ voltage measurements. ‌The working environment temperature and humidity range are ⁣mentioned, ⁣along‍ with chassis pressure, insulation resistance and dimensions of the device. The weight​ varies according to the product type.

Specification table:

Refers to the standard type No. KL5100 KL5101 KL5102 KL5104 Kl5205
The input The input voltage AC 110V/220VPlus or minus10%,50Plus or minus2Hz
Power consumption Less than20 W
The load input Load voltage 1-150V 1-150V 1-150V 1-300V 1-500V
Load current(Dual channel) 0-30A 0-40A 0-60A 0-30A 0-30A
The maximum load power 200W 300W 400W 400W 500W
Accuracy of measurement The main current Plus or minus0.1%+5Ma(24bit A/D,15ppm/Benchmark °)
The primary voltage Plus or minus0.1%+5Mv(24bit A/D,15ppm/° benchmark,The input impedance400KΩ)
Control precision The main current Plus or minus0.1%+5Ma(16bit D/A, 15ppm/Benchmark °)
The primary voltage Plus or minus0.1%+5Mv(16bit D/A, 15ppm/Benchmark °)
To protect the overpressure 155V 310V 520V
A temperature 85°
A power 220W 320W 420W 420W 520W
Over current 30.5A 40.5 60.5A 30.5A 30.5A
Communication interface Programmable interface TTLLevel full duplex serial interface (by converter converts232or485)
function Working mode CC.CV.CR.CW
Normal function Automatic test, dynamic test, battery test,OCPTest etc.
A list of test functions List of test, trigger test, cycle test, automatically increase or decrease in test and so on
Extend the functionality External trigger Square root Square root Square root Square root Square root
Far end voltage measurement Square root Square root Square root Square root Square root
Using the environment temperature range 0~500C
Using the environment humidity range 10~90%RH
DCThe input of casing pressure Plus or minus250VDC
DCThe input to the chassis insulation resistance >20MΩ,500VDCwhen
ACThe input to the chassis insulation resistance >20MΩ,500VDCwhen
Overall dimensions (mm)LxBxH about400x260x110
Weight (Kg) 4.0


Package includes:

  • 1 X Load Meter
  • 1⁢ X Patch Cord (NOTE: ​Product input voltage:110V / ‍220V, and we will supply you with a plug and adaptor to fit your country’s power outlets.)
  • 1 ‌X English User Manual

Detailed Images are provided below: