Large Gas Lens Kit: 9-Piece Accessory for TIG Welding Torch


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9Pcs 3/32inch TIG Welding Torch 17/18/26 TAK18 Large Gas Lens Accessory Kit
Large Gas Lens Kit: 9-Piece Accessory for TIG Welding Torch $11.99

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Discover the versatility of this⁤ TIG torch accessory kit.⁤ Uniquely designed‌ for use‍ with torch models ‍17, 18, and 26, showcasing a perfect fusion of performance and compatibility. The kit offers an impressive set-up with the large gas⁣ lens to give⁣ you optimal control and functionality.

Notable for accommodating a⁤ 3/32″ tungsten electrode, the kit is complete with two Alumina gas lens⁢ ceramic cups, bearing model numbers 53N88 #10 ‍(5/8″) ​and 53N87 #12 (3/4″). The inclusion of five collets 10N24 3/32″ further⁤ elevates this product’s​ value.

Strive for excellence​ with ​the​ one large gas‍ lens collet body 45V64 3/32″ included in the pack.⁣ Ensure perfect set-up with‌ the provided gasket 54N63 seamlessly designed for the large gas lens.

The materials that shape this package, Alumina, Copper,⁢ and Plastic, commend our ​dedication to ⁤quality and‌ durability. Dimensions are as ‍per ‍the picture depicted.

The package is complete with:

  • 1 x Large Gas Lens Cups #10
  • 1 ⁣x Large Gas Lens Cups #12
  • 1 x Gasket for Large Gas Lens Cup
  • 1 x 3/32″ Large Gas Lens Collet Body
  • 5 x ‌3/32″ Collet

A‌ close-up view of the product details can be⁢ seen below in​ the displayed images: