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LED Corridor Night Light


Low power consumption
Uses three AA batteries power the device
Ultra-thin fresnel lens enhances the execution of the sensor
Built from environmentally friendly materials like ABS and high-density polyethylene

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Corridor LED Night Light
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Corridor LED Night⁤ Light

The Corridor LED Night Light is a compact ‍light‌ with ​versatile capabilities. As a regular light, it’s already very appealing, ⁤yet in addition, it also serves​ as ⁤a tasteful decor. With a sleek design, this LED night light aligns‍ well with ⁤contemporary aesthetics.

Sensor Capabilities

What sets the Corridor LED Night Light apart is its remarkable sensor function, designed to ⁣enhance convenience. The night light boasts a⁣ 120-degree⁤ sensing angle and is able to detect movement⁢ from five to seven meters away optimally. It cleverly switches on​ in dark surroundings, stays on for 15 seconds, and uses state-of-the-art photosensitive sensor and human infrared sensor technologies that include ⁤an anti-infrared interference feature.

Product Features

Among⁣ its key selling points, the⁤ Corridor LED Night Light is economical when it comes to power usage. Its power source comes from three AA batteries,​ thereby eliminating the need for a ‌power ⁣socket. You ‍have the​ freedom ‍to adjust the⁢ brightness as⁤ well, with settings of 0.7 lumens and 3.8 lumens available.⁢ Depending on your adjustment, the​ device ⁣can last anywhere ‍from 6 to 12 ‌months.