LED Light Enhanced Fake CCTV Cameras – Pack of 4


Great for both indoor and outdoor use to have everyone believe that you are keeping an eye on employees, property, and your business
It comes with a LED light so it will be a convincing impression of working surveillance equipment for an added level of security, protection, and peace of mind
Waterproof, easy to mount on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, look realistic when hanging
Material: ABS; Battery: 2 x AAA (Not Included)
Length Size: 13.5cm
Package List:

4 x Fake CCTV Cameras with LED Light
1 x Box
2 x Warning stickers
3 x Screws
3 x Plastic anchor screws

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Fake CCTV Cameras with LED Light (4pcs)
LED Light Enhanced Fake CCTV Cameras - Pack of 4 $48.67

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Fake CCTV Cameras with LED Light (4-Pack)

This four pack of fake CCTV cameras can give you an air of security, making house visitors, employees or general observers believe there is an active surveillance system on your property. Particularly in areas where trespass (or worse crimes) may be a risk, it is beneficial to have a deterrent in place. Equally in a business environment, these decoys serve to protect valuable assets and provide a sense of safety. Potential offenders may be successfully deterred believing they are under constant watch. While these fake cameras do not replace the full benefits of an actual surveillance camera, they are a suitable interim solution for providing widely believed security measures.

Lower expenditure – Reduce Monitoring Cost

These fake CCTV cameras offer an economical alternative to a real CCTV system whilst also reducing the costs of constant surveillance. They work as an effective measure to potentially prevent crime around your home, warehouse or shop. The impact of these fake cameras is to increase the perceived security of any area, providing you with peace of mind. If you’re not ready to invest in a real surveillance system, these fake cameras can operate as a practical temporary substitute until your budget allows for a full CCTV install.

Authentic Appearance – Highly Convincing To Observers

These decoy CCTV cameras offer an authentic, realistic look that often goes undetected to the untrained eye. The potential of being watched may lead would-be culprits to rethink their actions. In a business environment, employees will remain diligent, possibly working harder under the impression of constant monitoring.