LED Light-Up Party Sunglasses – Fun & Stylish Eyewear for Celebrations


A fashionable and cool sunglasses to wear that has LED lights on it
Has preset LED designs and you can also customize it with the use of the software app that you need to install on your smartphone
Power source: rechargeable polymer battery / Input voltage current: 5V 1A / Charging type: USB interface charging / Charging time: 2hrs / Length of use: 5hrs
Setting mode: supports 7 languages / Display mode: pattern animation, text editor, graffiti editor / Music mode: musical rhythm
Dimensions: 5 x 15 x 14.5cm / Nose bridge width: 2.5cm
Material: ABS plastic
Package content:

1 x LED Sunglasses Party Eyewear
1 x USB charging cable

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LED Sunglasses Party Eyewear
LED Light-Up Party Sunglasses - Fun & Stylish Eyewear for Celebrations $34.90

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LED Sunglasses​ Party Eyewear
Discover the fun of‌ LED sunglasses, ​a quirky accessory to jazz up any party or event. These sunglasses feature⁤ embedded LED lights, enhancing your‍ look with an unexpectedly luminescent ⁣touch. They’re perfect for the upcoming holiday season and can be worn at various other enjoyable events‍ and occasions. Not only do they make you stand out, but they also add⁢ distinctive‍ character⁢ to your ensemble.
Fashionable LED Accessory
These LED sunglasses offer not just originality with their⁤ in-built LED⁤ lights, but also a synergy of ‍contemporary style and utility. To utilize its⁤ full functionality, you will need to install the ‌corresponding​ software app⁣ on your smartphone. This allows you to⁤ modify the font and imagery displayed on the lenses. Pre-loaded designs are available, but feel free to personalize your glasses ‍to create⁤ your very own statement look.
Rechargeable and User-Friendly Sunglass
These LED sunglasses are designed to be both⁤ accessible‌ and sustainable. They feature a power button for quick ⁢activation ‍and provide ⁣light for 5 hours on a⁤ charge time of ‍just‌ 2 hours.⁣ The embedded rechargeable battery ensures frequent⁣ reuse, a functionality indicated by‍ a red charging light, which turns off once the battery is full. Fully controllable via‍ an easy Bluetooth connection to your smartphone app, these sunglasses offer⁣ a unique ‌twist ⁢on conventional eyewear – the⁢ ultimate accessory ⁣for anyone looking to make a statement!