LED Plant Grow Light Bulb with Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants


You can grow your plants indoors without or with limited sunlight through using this grow light bulb
This has red and blue lights that together produce a violet light which helps your plants grow
This light bulb is energy-saving and has a wide illumination and brightness so it is very practical as well

LED Chips: 2835 SMD / LED Quantity: 48Leds / Input Voltage: AC 220V

Lifespan: 50000hours / Base Type: E27, E14, B22, MR16, GU10
Wattage Variants:

E27 48leds 220V

E14 48leds 220V

GU10 48leds 220V

MR16 48leds 220V

B22 48leds 220V

Package Content:

1 x Grow Light Bulb Plant Spectrum LED

Grow Light Bulb Plant Spectrum LED
LED Plant Grow Light Bulb with Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants $9.99

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Product Description:

Grow Light Bulb Plant Spectrum LED

For plant lovers seeking an⁣ effective solution for indoor‍ garden cultivation, our Grow Light Bulb Plant Spectrum LED is designed precisely to provide your house plants with the optimal light‌ spectrum required ⁤for healthy‍ growth. It’s specially designed for‌ plants that⁢ struggle to find natural sunlight ‌indoors.

House plants often can be ​challenging ​to grow⁣ due to‌ limited exposure to natural sunlight. This ⁤product aims to ‌aid such indoor ⁢plants by acting as an ​efficient replacement for natural ‍sunlight, ensuring your plant does not resort to wilting.

The ⁤light bulb​ produces a unique violet​ light blend, courtesy of its⁣ red and blue LED lighting. This is ⁢advantageous for plants as‌ the ‍red light supports the growth​ of flowering‌ plants, ‍while the blue light is suitable ‍for a‌ variety of​ indoor plants.

Our Grow Light Bulb is an⁣ energy-efficient choice due to its ability to conserve power. This makes it⁢ a practical and cost-effective option for those⁢ that are mindful of their energy consumption. Plus, it provides‌ broad and bright illumination, outperforming standard ​light bulbs in⁢ your home‌ for plant⁣ growth.

Equip your indoor garden with this ‍Grow‍ Light Bulb, and promote better, healthier growth for all your cherished house plants.