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LENSGO LWM-328C Wireless Collar Clip Microphone – 2-in-1 Mic for Mobile Phone Live Recording


LENSGO LWM-328C 2 In 1 Mobile Phone Live Wireless Collar Clip Microphone Mic for Recording
LENSGO LWM-328C Wireless Collar Clip Microphone - 2-in-1 Mic for Mobile Phone Live Recording $158.99$198.99

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Product Details:

Product Type: 2 In 1 Wireless Microphone
Model: LWM-328C
Material: ABS,‍ Printed Circuit Board
Color: Black
Mode: Collar Clip Type
Feature: Omnidirectional
Channel Quantity:⁢ 99 Channels
Effective Distance: Up to 150 Meters
Antenna: SMA Omnidirectional Antenna
Audio Interface: 3.5mm ​TRS Interface
Channel Range: 521MHz~555MHz
Frequency Response: 60-17KHz
SNR: -66dB
Total ‍Harmonic⁤ Distortion: 0.5%
Recording Sampling Rate: 16bit 48K
Storage Capacity: Supports up‌ to 32G (Storage Card not included)
Power Source: 2 x AA Battery (Not Included)
Microphone Type: Professional Recording Microphone
Usage: Perfect⁢ for Recording, ⁢Interview
Weight: Approx.⁤ 959g

Main Features:

The LWM-328C 2 in 1 wireless microphone has 99 channels and supports infrared synchronous⁤ pairing. It is an ideal SLR camera mini reception ‌collar clip interview live ‍microphone.

This device supports plug⁣ card​ recording,⁢ preventing missing records and recording leakage caused by external interference. It allows for direct editing without the need for conversion.

The device offers ​a ⁣maximum ‌distance of about 150 meters with no delay⁢ or anti-interference. ⁣This makes it especially suitable for short⁣ video recording during outdoor interviews.

The microphone uses a universal​ 3.5mm⁢ TRS interface making it suitable for portable camcorders, SLR cameras, ‍mobile phones, and portable recorders.

Constructed from high-quality‍ ABS⁢ and ⁤printed circuit board⁤ materials makes this device sturdy, ‌durable, and offers a long service life.

Included with the package:

1 ⁣x Receiver
2‍ x Transmitter
2 x‌ Microphone Connecting Cable
1 ⁢x Camera Connecting ‌Cable
1 x Mobile Phone ⁤Connecting Cable
1​ x XLR Connecting Cable
2 ‍x ​Microphone Collar Clip
1 x Cold ⁣Shoe Mount
1 x Manual
1 ⁤x Storage Bag