Light Therapy Lamp Mood Booster


Boost your energy and improve your mood with the light therapy lamp
It has a touch switch, and adjustable brightness (high and low), and rechargeable built-in battery
Use 30 to 60 minutes a day to help boost your mood, increase concentration, and restore energy
 Power: 5W / Voltage: DC5V / LED Quantity: 60Pcs / Light intensity: 6000 Lux in 10 cm
Size: 14 x 14.4cm / Material: ABS + Optical Grade Light Guide Lens
Package Content:

1 x Light Therapy Lamp
1 x Stand
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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Light Therapy Lamp Mood Booster
Light Therapy Lamp Mood Booster $37.50

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Light Therapy Lamp Mood Booster
When we were young, we were taught to get our daily dose of sunshine early in the morning every day. It is because sunlight has this natural ability to boost your mood and give you extra energy for the day ahead. However, as we grow up, we realize that it’s not every day we get the chance to enjoy a nice morning walk because of our busy schedules. And, for others, they physically cannot enjoy basking under the morning sun because it’s winter. While for others, they are forced to stay indoors for health and security reasons. Good thing now there’s this light therapy lamp. This lamp helps boost people’s mood and it also gives off energy. It’s ideal for those craving for sunlight but needs to stay indoors. It’s ideal for people who feel sad, lonely, depressed, and over fatigue. This lamp brightens your day, just like the sun!
Keep You Awake
Do you need to stay awake at night to work or study? This therapy lamp does an amazing job is keeping you wide awake even in the unholy hours at night! In fact, it’s even better than coffee in keeping your body fully active and attentive so you can focus on your late-night task. When you are studying, place this lamp in front of you. This way, you will stay fully awake and attentive while you do your task. And, when it’s time to go to bed, you can easily fall asleep when you turn off this lamp. In fact, this lamp helps reset your circadian rhythm to help you sleep better. That’s why it’s ideal for people who have jetlags from traveling.
Happy Light
This lamp is a happy light. This light helps boost your mood and fight your depression. Moreover, it also helps eliminate bad mood so you face the day with a smile and a cheerful spirit!