Lock Pick Hook and Lock Pick Tool: Potent Combination of 37pcs Locksmith’s Tools Kit


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37Pcs Powerful Locksmith's Tools Kit Combination Lock Pick Hook and Lock Pick Tool
Lock Pick Hook and Lock Pick Tool: Potent Combination of 37pcs Locksmith's Tools Kit $24.99

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Delve into the world of locks with our meticulously crafted, 15-in-1 Stainless Steel Hook Lock Pick Set. This collection specifically targets locks with small or narrow keyways. It boasts a comprehensive range of picks, with everything from broken key extractors to transmission file tools. Amongst the versatile assortment available, you will find rakes, hooks, riffles, and diamond hooks.

Explore our Transparent Padlock, an exquisite new offering of a Disc Type Padlock finely crafted and smooth working with no loose parts. What sets it apart, though, is its transparency. You can view the full mechanism, making it not only a fantastic visual aid but also an exceptional tool for training beginners in lock picking.

For those well versed in the art of locks, we present our Lock Pick Tool. This tool, finished in a striking silver hue, can vanquish most pin tumbler locks and double track car locks. It is complete with four pick blades and a tension wrench, all crafted from High Quality Steel. The locking tool sports a sturdy jump head and considerable adjustable extent.

Color: Silver
Material: High Quality Steel
Dimensions: 4.02 in x 0.51 in x 4.02 in (10.2 cm x 1.3 cm x 10.2 cm)

Our 5-in-1 Credit Card and 3 Torsion Tools might seem ordinary at first glance, but looks can be deceiving. Encased within a credit card designed case, you will find 5pcs unique, premium quality lock picks. Portable and discreet, this tool set is perfect for honing your skills anywhere.

Product Color: Silver
Material: Metal
Lock pick size: about 7.3 x 1.2 x 0.2cm (1pc)
NOTE: The 5pcs lock picks are slyly hidden in the credit card designed case.

The 6pcs Padlock Shim Picks Set is designed to exploit mechanical inconsistencies of specific lock brands/models. These shims are stiff, thin pieces of metal which, when rightly inserted and twisted between the hasp and the body of the lock, disengage the locking mechanism. Experience the smooth operation and superior performance!

Your package includes an array of tools:
1 x Padlock Set with 2 Keys
12 x Lock Pick Hooks
1 x Black PU Bag
1 x Credit Card +5 x High Quality Pick Hook
6 x Tension Wrenches
6 x Padlock Shim
4 x Torsion Tools
1 x Lock Pick Tool

Experience the artistry and utility of each tool with our fantastic high-resolution images.