Locksmith Tools Door Opener: Broken Key Tools Pump Wedge


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Locksmith Tools Door Opener: Broken Key Tools Pump Wedge $15.99

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Discover our essential Broken Key Tools Pump Wedge ‍Locksmith Tools Door Opener

Have you ever been ⁣stuck trying to unlock a car door? Our Air Wedge can help. It’s designed to slide between your car​ door and the weather stripping on the door frame. Once ‍the pump is inflated, it effortlessly separates your car door from the frame, creating a gap ‌perfect for inserting any car opening tool.

But this tool isn’t a⁣ one-trick pony. In addition to being an efficient door​ opener, it can also be used for door⁣ and safe installations, providing helpful leveling or hold-in-place functionality during the ⁣setup process.

The true beauty of our Air Wedge lies in the construction. It ⁢features a stiff ⁣plastic insert inside the wedge, making insertion into door gaps a piece of​ cake. High-strength materials ensure⁤ durability and longevity, with a special⁣ soft board inside to prevent gas⁤ leaks. Despite its lightness, it can handle an impressive 200-kilogram ​weight bearing capacity.

Kindly remember not to overinflate the device during usage. Once it has sufficiently lifted the door, carefully​ let the air out and place the ‍triangle block.

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Your purchase will⁣ include 1 x Pump wedge.

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