Long-Range Wireless Doorbell with Extended Transmission Range


It is a powerful doorbell that can reach up to 300 meters and can penetrate physical barriers like thick doors and concrete walls
It is cord-free and easy to install, you just have to stick it using the adhesive back portion
You can set the volume (0-80db) and choose from the 60 available ring tones
Transmitter size:72x46x21mm/Receiver size:92x62x32mm/Receiver Voltage: 110-220V
Operating Range:300M/Transmitter Battery: 23A12V Alkaline Battery (Not Included)/ Receiver Power Source: Plug
Package Content Variants:

1 x Transmitter 2 x Receivers (White/Black)
1 x Transmitter 1 x Receiver (White/Black)

Wireless Door Bell Long Distance Transmission
Long-Range Wireless Doorbell with Extended Transmission Range $33.53$37.58

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Wireless Doorbell with Long-Range Transmission

Promoting simplicity and convenience, this powerful wireless doorbell is a quintessential home installation. One of its standout features is its ease of installation, requiring no wires or cords whatsoever, facilitating a hassle-free process usable by anyone. Its robust design allows for potent signal penetration, bypassing physical hindrances like thick wooden doors and concrete walls to provide coverage up to 300 meters. Furthermore, it accommodates customization with the ability to alter the receiver’s ringtone, proving particularly useful in residences housing multiple bells. For swift installation, an adhesive sticker is placed on the back of the transmitter.


The doorbell design incorporates waterproofing, a significant characteristic considering its typical installation places like front doors or gates, which can leave it exposed to rain. It also allows you to choose from 60 melodies, and control the volume, with five adjustable levels. An exceptional aspect of this doorbell is its mute function feature. However, the prime feature remains its long-range transmission, clocking in at a maximum of 300 meters, coupled with its ability to penetrate physical blockages.

Installation Process

The installation process of this doorbell is straightforward. Being cordless aids in a swift and easy setup with no restrictions. It comes with an adhesive that needs to be peeled off and stuck to the desired surface for the transmitter. Following this, the receiver should be plugged into an outlet inside the house. Upon clicking the clicker, the receiver emits a ring and an LED light flashes as indicators.