LYNEPAUAIO Amplifier and Speaker Switcher – 3 Input 3 Output Splitter


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LYNEPAUAIO Amplifier and Speaker Switcher - 3 Input 3 Output Splitter $84.99

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If you’re seeking to connect three sets of speakers and amplifiers, this high-quality sound switcher is the ideal solution.

The switcher is characterized by its push-button select switch input for three power amplifiers and output for three stereo speakers. It allows individual control over each speaker set, enabling you to have all three play simultaneously or selectively turn off any speaker group.

The maximum power capacity of each channel is a whopping 300W. Additionally, the switcher provides a vacuum tube power amplifier signal no-load protection function for the signal input. This function, coupled with the switcher’s input/output selection and direct plug usage, ensures switching signal stability with negligible noise between channels.

Encased within a durable metal shell, the switcher boasts a user-friendly plug and play installation process. Further, it doesn’t require an external power source to operate.


The specifications of this switcher are as follows:

  • Material: Metal
  • Input: 3 sets (banana plug)
  • Output: 3 sets (banana plug)
  • Power Capacity: up to 300W per channel
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-50KHz
  • Compatibility: All types of power amplifiers and speakers
  • Item Size: 240 105 55mm / 9.45 4.13 2.17in
  • Item Weight: 960g / 2.12lb
  • Package Weight: 1130g / 2.49lb
  • Package Size: 26 18.5 6.5cm / 10.23 7.28 2.56in

Heavy-duty speaker wires or speaker pin wires can be attached via the terminal port. To use, simply connect the power amplifier to amplifier 01-02-03 and the loudspeaker to positions A-B-C. No external power supply is required for operation.

Package List

The package includes:
– 1 Switcher
– 1 English User Manual