Magic Sakura Sake Cup: Color Changes with Temperature


With this cold and hot temperature color change magic sakura sake cup, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful pink cherry blossoms in your cup.

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Cold and Hot Temperature Color Change Magic Sakura Sake Cup
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Experience the beauty of cherry blossoms from the comfort of your home with this temperature-sensitive Magic Sakura Sake Cup. No trips to Japan or Sakura Avenue required – the mesmerizing pink blooms appear directly in your cup!

Color-changing Cherry Blossoms

The standout feature of this product is its superior quality coupled with its unique functionality. The design illustrates cherry blossoms at the bottom where the color change occurs according to the temperature of the liquid inside.

The cherry blossom color alters from white to a vibrant pink or red when the temperature of the drink drops below 10 ° C. Conversely, when the liquid temperature exceeds 45 ° C, a similar transformation takes place. The lower the cold liquid temperature, the more dramatic the color shift – the same principle applies to hot temperatures. However, it’s worth noting that the color change is not visible under standard water temperatures.

Quality and Durability

Concerns about the cup’s material are unnecessary due to our rigorous quality testing. The color-changing pattern at the bottom is resistant to fading, it won’t diminish upon light handling. Despite this resistance, we recommend avoiding rough handling to maintain the longevity of the product.

The Magic Sakura Sake Cup is not only a practical item but also an experience. Presenting a hot cup of sake to your loved one and watching the captivating blooms change color together, elevates it beyond a mere drink. It’s a shared moment of magic. To create such unforgettable experiences, use this cup – it’s far more than just a unique product.