Magnetic Wall-Mounted Knife Holder Made of Durable Wood


This Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder is suitable for organizing all types of knives
It is a wall-mounted knife organizer that is space-efficient and easy to install
The knife holder is magnetic which makes it convenient and easily accessible
Material: Bamboo Wood
Size: 40 x 6 x 2 cm / Weight: 0.6 kg
Package Contents:

1 x Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder
2 x Screws
2 x Drywall Anchors

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Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder Wall-Mount
Magnetic Wall-Mounted Knife Holder Made of Durable Wood $34.50

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Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder Wall-Mount

Create ‌order in your kitchen with⁤ the Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder ‍Wall-Mount.​ This element is⁤ designed‍ to carry all sorts of knives, making it suitable not just for households‌ but ‍also for restaurants. For ⁤cooking enthusiasts who utilize multiple types of knives to cater for diverse culinary needs, maintaining the orderliness of these tools is crucial not only for their durability but ⁢also for the safety of the residents. Traditional knife racks are somewhat restrictive as they accommodate certain types of knives. That’s not the case with this magnetic knife holder.

Magnetic Knife Organizer

This product is distinguished from the rest due to⁣ its magnetic attribute. Unlike the typical ​racks where you fit the knives ⁤one by​ one, all ⁢you do with this ‍one is to attach the knife‌ onto the block.‌ The moment it is close enough, ​magnetic forces pull and secure the blades in position. You can place any⁤ metal knife, irrespective of its size, ⁣onto this organizer. Besides helping you ⁢systematize your knives, it also ensures easy accessibility. Fast drying after washing is⁢ another benefit associated with it.

Wall-Mounted Organizer

The wall-mount characteristic is one‌ of the most appealing features of this product. It allows for optimal use of wall‌ space, thus increases efficiency. The installation process is straightforward as it ‌comes with ⁢screws and drywall anchors included. Please bear in mind that the package includes only the knife holder and the mounting​ accessories. ​The knives shown in the images‌ are​ not part of the package.