Makita 18V Battery Compatible VIOLEWORKS 125mm Cordless Brushless Angle Grinder Polishing Machine


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VIOLEWORKS 125mm Cordless Brushless Angle Grinder Polishing Machine For Makita 18V Battery
Makita 18V Battery Compatible VIOLEWORKS 125mm Cordless Brushless Angle Grinder Polishing Machine $54.99

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Get up close with this high-powered, lightweight 18V Angle ⁣Grinder that’s built for outdoor operations. ⁣With an adaptable design compatible with any 5″ cutting or grinding wheel, ⁢this tool incorporates some great features for prolonged life and optimal performance.

Main Specs:
– Battery Type: Suitable for any Makita ​18V Battery‌ (battery not included).
-⁤ Material Composition: Made of Rubber and Metal.
– Vibration Reduction Feature: Yes.
– ⁤Free Tool Guard: ⁣Yes.
– Motor:‌ Furnished with ‌a Pure Copper Brushless Motor.
-‌ Power: A solid 800W of ⁣power under your grip.
– Spindle Diameter: Measures 14mm.
– Variable Speed ‍Setting: Comes with⁢ three-speed settings.
– Wheel Diameter: Fits a 125mm wheel.
– No Load Speed: Clocking 0-11000 RPM, it automatically adjusts its speed during operation.
– Net Weight: Weighs 1.8kg only.
– Shaft‌ Lock: Just hold to change the wheel.
– Slide Switch: Conveniently located for easy one-handed ⁢operation.

Prominent Attributes:
– Features a compact handle and lightweight framework ‌that’s perfect for outdoor endeavors.
– Its removable cover not only prevents ⁣the entry of ⁤debris​ but also helps prolong the​ tool’s life span.
– Equipped with a copper core ⁢motor encapsulating high‌ power and burn-out prevention mechanism.
– It offers the convenience of cordless operation, making it ideal ​for outdoor or high-altitude projects without the hassle of annoying cords and power sources.
– The ⁣tool houses a⁤ well-developed heat dispersion system. It has ⁣three-dimensional heat dissipation⁢ to ensure maximum motor‍ protection.
– Its brushless motor accurately matches the torque and RPM to the changing demands ‌of⁣ the application.
-‌ By eliminating‍ carbon brushes, the tool has an increased life span⁣ and runs cooler and more efficiently.
– The tool incorporates a dustproof system and diverts dust from its ‌vital components for enhanced durability and longevity.
– Soft start suppresses start-up reaction for a smoother initiation and⁢ more extended gear⁢ lifespan.
– Spiral bevel gears ⁢enable smoother rotations and more efficient energy transfers.
– Anti-restart protection prevents the motor startup when the battery is inserted with the switch locked on.

Inside the⁤ Box, you’ll find:
– 1 x Angle Grinder.
– 1 ​x Handle.
– 1 x Baffle.
– 1 x⁤ Wrench.
– (Please note that the product does not‍ include a battery.)