Makita Battery Compatible 588N.M 18V Cordless Screwdriver: 1280W Electric Impact Brushless Wrench


588N.M 18V Cordless Brushless Wrench 1280W Electric Impact Wrench Screwdriver For Makita Battery
Makita Battery Compatible 588N.M 18V Cordless Screwdriver: 1280W Electric Impact Brushless Wrench $47.99

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Experience ⁢the efficiency ‌of a versatile⁢ tool designed for various construction ⁣tasks. This power-packed⁤ device is suited for Makita ‍batteries and boasts a potent 588N.M torque that ensures high performance and precision. Smooth speed switch and multi-function keys enhance the overall user-friendliness.

Built ⁢with a‍ durable tungsten steel shaft, ⁢the⁢ tool‌ offers high resistance to wear and tear, making it‌ an ideal choice for construction sites, regular maintenance chores,⁢ and carpentry work. Adding to its notable ⁣features is a brushless motor that doesn’t spit sparks while operation‍ nor wears out ⁤over time, therefore, ensuring safety⁣ and durability.

Let’s get into the⁤ nitty-gritty details of this product:

Color: This flamboyant tool is available⁤ in vibrant shades of Red, Yellow, Orange, and Green. Choose⁣ your favorite to coordinate with your other equipment or to simply stand out!

Style: The tool can be used both as a wrench and a ​screwdriver, enhancing its functionality.

No-Load Speed: ‌This dynamic ranges from 0⁤ to 4000 rpm, catering to diverse needs.

Impact Frequency: You ⁤get an impact frequency from 0 to 4000 ipm, giving you plenty‌ of options.

Square ‌Drive: With a size of⁤ 1/2 inch, this could⁢ be the ideal tool for your needs.

Rated Input Power: The rated input power‌ is ⁤a ⁤hefty 1280 W ensuring that power ⁤is never a⁢ problem.

Type: Use ⁢it‍ as an Impact wrench as per⁢ your need.

Maximum Torque: The maximum torque this can provide is a staggering 588 Nm!

Power Supply Type: Fueled by the rechargeable lithium battery technology, this device ⁢promises ‌sustainable and efficient use.

Power Supply Voltage: Operate this tool at a ‌power supply voltage of 18V.

Torque ⁢Range:​ You get immense flexibility with a torque range of 0-588 Nm.

Handle Type: The handheld design boosts​ portability and ease ⁢of use.

Maximum size of screw parts: This device accommodates screw parts of 0-28 mm.

Drive Shaft/Chuck: This model features a sturdy drive shaft/chuck that enhances durability and performance.

Package Includes: This package offers 1 ‌electric tool.​ Please note ⁤that⁢ batteries are not included. For a better understanding, have a look at the them in⁣ the images below.