Manual Coffee Maker Drip Press


Enjoy a delicious coffee and make a cup of it more easily by using this manual coffee maker
It has a portable design that is perfect to use on camping trips or you can bring it in your office
This is easy to use by only needing hot water and coffee, it is also durable with transparent material
Size:25.5 x 11.2cm / Weight:454g
Material: PP + TPE
Capacity: 240ml / Use: 2-3 servings
Package Contents:

1 x Manual Coffee Maker Drip Press
1 x Funnel
1 x Coffee Spoon
1 x Instructions
1 x Filter Cover
400 x Coffee Filter Paper
1 x Packaging Bag
1 x Metal Filter
1 x Stir Bar

Manual Coffee Maker Drip Press
Manual Coffee Maker Drip Press $55.46

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Manual Coffee Maker Drip Press
Coffee is more than a drink, it has now become a big part of their lifestyles. More so, many people love to drink a cup of coffee to start their day. This drink wakes them up and gives them the energy that they need to start their day right. Not only that, but it also has a delicious and unique taste that comes along its energy-giving benefits. So, this makes coffee a very popular drink wherever you go in the world. If you find yourself wanting coffee multiple times a day, then it is time for you to have a coffee maker with you all the time. Good thing there is this manual coffee maker that you can use to easily make your favorite coffee wherever you are. Now, this allows you to press and make delicious drip coffee just like the ones in popular coffee shops that you love.
Portable Design
This manual coffee maker has a portable design which makes it easier for you to make your coffee everywhere. Consequently, you can bring and use this to make yourself a good cup of coffee in your office. Not only that, but this is also perfect to bring with you during your camping trips and other outdoor activities. This is because you won’t need any electricity to make your coffee if you have this. Also, the portable design is also a big factor as to why this is ideal to use and bring during outdoor activities. This is about the size of a regular tumbler so you can definitely find enough space to put this.
Durable and Transparent
This has a durable material and strong suction as well. This makes it a great coffee press machine for you. More so, the transparent material allows you to see the contents inside so you will have a good idea.