Manual Hot Dog Slicer – Precision Food Cutter (Set of 2)


Manual hotdog and sausage spiral cutter
A creative and unique way of serving hotdogs whether it’s fried or barbecued
Cooks the hotdogs all the way through, it makes the hotdogs crispy on the edge too
Material: Plastic/Weight: 30 g
Package Content:

1 x Red Hotdog Cutter (Outer Diameter: 3cm/Inner Diameter: 1.5cm)
1 x Yellow Hotdog Cutter(Outer Diameter: 4.5cm/Inner Diameter: 2cm)

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Hot Dog Cutter Manual Slicer (2pcs)
Manual Hot Dog Slicer - Precision Food Cutter (Set of 2) $9.82

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Product: Manual Hot Dog Cutter Slicer (2pcs)

This manual Hot Dog Cutter Slicer is a unique tool designed specifically for slicing sausages and hot dogs. Suitable for hot dogs of different sizes and ingredients – be it pork, beef, or chicken, this slicer simplifies and elevates the traditional hot dog with a fun spiral design. Especially appealing for children, this slicer’s vertical spirals not only add an enticing visual effect but also expedite cooking time. This package includes 2 hot dog slicers, offering you an always-handy spare.

Creative Cutting with the Hot Dog Slicer

Adding a touch of creativity can elevate ordinary meals to new, exciting levels – especially for children. And when it comes to feeding your little ones, a bit of “extra” can go a long way. This spiral cutter allows you to infuse a fun twist into the classic hot dog meal. Simply use the slicer on the hot dogs before cooking, creating a decorative swirl. As the hot dogs cook, they expand into an appealing, unique form, making them extra attractive to kids. The spiral cut also holds a practical advantage – it allows the hot dogs to cook more quickly and evenly due to better heat distribution.

It’s Convenient and Straightforward in Operation

As a manual slicer, this tool doesn’t require any batteries or charging, making it an easy-to-use option for cooking. It’s as simple as slipping it through the hot dog and sliding it down to make the cuts. The slicer is an ideal companion for a variety of occasions such as barbecue parties, birthday celebrations, outdoor events, or camping trips.