Manual Nozzle Fuel Transfer Tool for Diesel Oil and Petrol


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Manual Nozzle Diesel Oil Petrol Dispensing Fuel Transfer Tool
Manual Nozzle Fuel Transfer Tool for Diesel Oil and Petrol $47.99

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Introducing the Manual Nozzle Diesel Oil Petrol Dispensing Fuel⁢ Transfer Tool.

This tool is designed with a sleek, slim shape and balanced weight, making it easy to handle and operate. It’s crafted from ⁢high-strength aluminium alloy and plastic, ensuring durability, lightness, and ⁤resistance to wear and corrosion. The tool ‍also features a bright, comfortable plastic sheath for added​ convenience.

Color: Vibrant ‌Yellow
Port Size: 3/4″BSP
Flow Rate: 60L/min
Pressure:‌ 0.20 Mpa
Material: Aluminium⁢ alloy, Plastic (handle cover)
Size: 400x120mm/15.7″x4.7″
Application: Suitable for diesel, kerosene, petrol below 90#

The⁣ fuel transfer inlet can either be a NPT (American Standard) tapered thread ‌or a ‌BSPT (British standard) straight thread. Depending on the type,⁢ it ‌should be sealed with a suitable ⁤sealant or ⁤a rubber O-ring. ‌Care⁢ should be taken when connecting the connector to the inlet to avoid overtightening and potential damage.

The fuel transfer ​switch comes with 3 fixed ⁣gears, allowing you to refuel according to the flow size. The tool will automatically close ‍when the oil or foam submerges the air hole​ at the lower end of the ‌barrel. The non-slip spring on the barrel enables self-refuelling in the tank, eliminating the⁣ need for manual holding.

Ensure the‌ vent hole at the lower end of the barrel ‌is clear of any foreign matter. After use, store the tool carefully to⁣ avoid any collisions. This tool is designed ‍for durability⁢ and does⁢ not require‍ lubrication.

Package Includes: 1 x Manual⁢ Refuelling Nozzle with Hook

For a closer look at this tool,⁢ check out the images below: