Mesh Enclosure Butterfly Cage


A breathable, durable, and wear-resistant butterfly cage made of wire and mesh cloth material
It’s perfect for speeding up cross-pollination process; Enclose butterflies because they work as a natural insecticide because they eat aphids on plants
Foldable, lightweight, and compact; Easy to store
Material: Net+Steel Wire (Black Electroplating)
Size Variants:

Small : 30 x 30 x 30cm
Medium: 40 x 40 x 60 cm
Large: 60 x 60 x 90 cm
X-Large: 60 x 60 x 180 cm

Package Content:

1 x Butterfly Cage

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Butterfly Cage Mesh Enclosure
Mesh Enclosure Butterfly Cage $34.29$49.29

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Product Description:

Butterfly Cage Mesh Enclosure

The Butterfly Cage Mesh Enclosure is a gardening tool that plays a critical role⁣ in promoting a balanced ‍ecosystem. This special enclosure is designed to breed and maintain a habitat for butterflies which perform vital functions ⁤in⁣ nature, including countering the ‌growth of pests like aphids on your plants. Furthermore, they contribute towards speeding up the process of cross-pollination in your flowering plants.

Designed with a breathable mesh material, the⁤ cage allows for ⁤the unrestricted ​passage of air, ​ensuring a comfortable environment for ‌the butterflies. The cage’s lightweight and portable design makes​ it easy‌ to move from one spot to another.

Navigate to the variants section to view the full range of sizes available for the Butterfly Cage Mesh Enclosure.

Gardening Tool

This butterfly cage elaborates on the ⁣practical‍ use of nature in achieving your gardening goals. By housing butterflies in this enclosure, you can stimulate faster pollination of your plants, and naturally tackle the aphid problem.

The cage is not only durable and resistant to wear but is also versatile, serving as a‍ suitable housing for other small insects like⁢ grasshoppers and mantises. The side zipper closure allows for easy access, while its⁤ lightweight form makes it easy to relocate based​ on your ⁢requirement.

Foldable Design

Optimizing storage space ‌is simple with this Butterfly Cage Mesh Enclosure, thanks to its foldable construction.⁢ When not‌ in use, the cage’s compact and small design enables it to be folded down to roughly the size of a plate. The cage also comes with a strap​ handle ⁣that lets you conveniently ⁢hang it up when⁢ required.