Micro Motor Drill Chuck Clamp with Key, 0.3-4mm, and 1/8 Inch Shaft Connecting Rod


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0.3-4mm Micro Motor Drill Chuck Clamp With Key and 1/8 Inch Shaft Connecting Rod
Micro Motor Drill Chuck Clamp with Key, 0.3-4mm, and 1/8 Inch Shaft Connecting Rod $12.99

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Detailed ​Description

Introducing the 0.3-4mm Micro Motor Drill Chuck‍ Clamp, complete ‍with a⁤ Key and‌ a 1/8 Inch Shaft Connecting Rod.

Specifications: The Chuck is made from High-carbon⁢ steel, ensuring durability⁤ and⁣ longevity. It has ⁢an outer diameter of 21.5mm and a taper of 2 degrees 49 minutes 24.7 seconds. It is ⁣designed to work with 0.3mm-4mm (0.01″ – 0.16″) Drills. The tail hole measures 3.17mm, ⁣and it ‌can clamp up to a maximum of 4.2mm. The connection⁣ size is ⁢JT0, with‍ an inner hole diameter of 6 mm. The biggest end of the JT0 taper measures ​6.350mm,⁢ while the smallest end measures 5.800mm.

Chuck Features: The Chuck is made ⁤from High-carbon steel, offering strong impact resistance. It features high precision screw thread and ⁤tapered hole, making it compatible⁤ with impact drills and different​ power electric drills.

Brass Mini⁢ Electric Motor Shaft Features:⁣ The Shaft is⁤ made from Brass, designed to⁢ match the motor shaft Diameter of 3.17mm. It is a 3.17mm Brass Mini Electric Motor Shaft Clamp ‌Drill Chuck for‌ 0.3mm-4mm Drill. The Drill ​Clamp ​JT0 Connection‌ Rod Connects‍ the⁢ Motor Drill for a 3.17mm Motor ​Shaft. It ⁤is a ⁤3.17mm Shaft Coupling Motor⁣ Connector made from‌ BRASS. It ‌fits ​closely⁢ with a 3.17mm motor shaft and features‍ a copper rod for 0.3~4mm JT0 drill clamp.

Package Includes:​ The package comes with 1pc‌ x Drill Chuck, 1pc x⁢ Spanner/key, and 1pc x 3.17mm Shaft Connecting Rod.

Please Note: There might be a slight error‍ due‍ to ‌manual measurement. Please ensure this is⁢ acceptable before purchasing. ​Also, the color may vary ⁣slightly due to different display settings.

More Details: ‌Please refer to the images below for a more detailed view‌ of the product.