Mini Clothespins Wooden Art Craft Clips (50pcs)


Great for a big variety of fun, family-friendly arts, and crafts projects
It is rustic and classic, these clips can add homespun flair as scrapbook decorations and make charming photo pins
Perfect to use for DIY crafters, and use it to accessorize and embellish their artworks
Material: Wooden
Size: 2.5cm / 3.5cm
Package Includes:

50 x Mini Clothespins Wooden Art Craft Clips

Mini Clothespins Wooden Art Craft Clips (50pcs)
Mini Clothespins Wooden Art Craft Clips (50pcs) $14.99

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Mini Clothespins Wooden Art Craft Clips (50pcs)
If you are looking for mini clothespins for your artworks, then get these mini clothespins for that. These clips are suitable for both kids and adults alike. When you have kids who love to do some artwork, then you are in luck to have creative little ones. It’s good to have kids who are into stuff like that as they will grow up to be resourceful and talented. Kids nowadays are into games on their smartphones. But if you have kids who are into arts and crafts, then you are lucky to have them. If they show interest in it, then as parents, you have to give your full support. Let your kids feel your support as you buy them the materials they need for it. So with that, get them these mini clothespins that can help them to decorate with their artworks.
Great For Home Decorations, Crafts and School Projects
With this set, you will be able to get fifty pieces of mini clothespins. Well, it will be enough for your crafts. There are two sets to choose from – natural or colorful. When you are bored at home and with nothing to do, then it is time to find a hobby that you will surely enjoy doing. When you have kids around, it will be a great bonding for everyone. You and your kids will have an enjoyable time doing it at home. Let your imagination fly when you use these clips for all kinds of home decorations, crafts, school projects, and more!
Perfect To Use For Your DIY Crafts
These mini clothespins are perfect to use for your DIY crafts. Moreover, it can be used to accessorize and embellish your artwork. These clips will help make your craft more charming and lovelier.