Mini Golf Set Bathroom Putter Exercise


Potty breaks will now become a lot more fun and entertaining with this mini golf set
It has the complete mini golf equipment that you need to practice putting in the toilet
Perfect as a funny gift for someone you know who loves golf
Dimensions approx: 80cm x 69cm
Weight: 300g
Package Contents:

Mini Golf Set Bathroom Putter Exercise:

1 x 1 x Putting green
2 x Golf balls
1 x Putter
1 x Flagstick
1 x “Do Not Disturb” Sign

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Mini Golf Set Bathroom Putter Exercise
Mini Golf Set Bathroom Putter Exercise $19.99

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Mini Golf Set Bathroom Putter Exercise
Golf is one of the most popular individual sports. It requires a good swing and accuracy to hit the ball. That is why, just like most sports, it needs a lot of practice. However, going to the large golf field every time would be a hassle and impractical. So, practice at the comfort of your own home. More specifically, practice in the comfort of your own toilet room. Now, you can practice your golf putting skills while you do your potty business if you have this mini golf set. Doing your potty business can sometimes take a while so it leaves you feeling bored. Now, you can make it more productive and fun when you have this set. This potty potter set will entertain you while sitting on your toilet bowl. You can then practice putting and improve your aim.
Complete Golf Set
This golf set for the toilet is complete with the right equipment. It has this mini green golf mat that you first put. Then there are two golf balls and a putter. Aside from that, there is even a flag a do-not-disturb sign to hang on your doorknob. It is definitely something that you never thought you needed for the toilet. Now, going to the toilet will become a lot more entertaining. So, if you know someone that loves golf and plays it, then is a perfect funny gift for them. Nowt to mention, this may actually help you improve your golf skills.
Entertaining Gift
If you are looking for a practical and funny gift for someone you know who likes golf then this is it. You will definitely get a good laugh when giving this as a gift. More so, this may be something that you will enjoy yourself. You can even turn this into a serious putting training set if you choose to.