Mini Grinding Machine Set: DC 5V 10W USB Wireless Electric Drill Grinder for Polishing Drilling Rotary Tool


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DC 5V 10W Mini Grinding Machine USB Wireless Electric Drill Grinder Set Polishing Drilling Rotary Tool
Mini Grinding Machine Set: DC 5V 10W USB Wireless Electric Drill Grinder for Polishing Drilling Rotary Tool $19.99

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Description: This product is a compact and lightweight electric drill made from durable ABS material. It comes in a vibrant red color that adds a touch of style to your tool collection. The collet chuck diameter ranges from 0.5-3.2mm, and it operates at a rated power input of 10W. The no-load speed of this drill ranges from 5000-15000 r/min, and it can run idle for up to 2 hours. When used for polishing, it can work continuously for up to 1 hour. The output voltage is 3.7V / 10A, and it can be powered via a DC 5V USB input. The package weighs approximately 183g.

1. Compact and Portable – This drill is small in size and light in weight, making it easy to carry around. The comfortable grip handle offers better control while drilling, making it convenient to use.
2. Adjustable Speed – This electric carving tool comes with 3 speed adjustments, with a speed adjustment range of 5000-15000 r/min.
3. Comprehensive Accessories – The drill comes equipped with 25pcs accessories for drilling, providing a complete set for all your drilling needs.
4. Versatile Grinder – This electric grinder is perfect for cutting, engraving, milling, grinding, polishing, removing, and drilling. It’s a must-have for DIY carving and grinding.
5. Wide Application – This drill is suitable for jade agate, nuclear carving, wood carving, grinding aluminum plate, thin copper board, plastic board, chipboard, printed circuit board, and epoxy board.

Package Includes:
1 pcs USB Electric Drill
1 pcs USB Wire(5V DC)
1 pcs Clamp Mandrel
1 pcs Rubber Wheel
1 pcs Tapping Rod
1 pcs Circular Saw Blade
2 pcs Diamond Grinding Needle
2 pcs Wool Polishing Wheel
3 pcs Sandpaper Circle
3 pcs Twist Drill Bits
5 pcs Wheel Grinding Head
6 pcs Electric Drill Bit Collet(0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm, 3.2mm)
1 pcs Storage Box

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