Mini Harp Wooden Instrument Decor


This Mini Harp is a replica model which means music can’t be played on it
It comes in a mini size which is space-efficient and lightweight
The harp is durable, has a sturdy base and the perfect home decoration
Material: Wood, Plastic Wire
Size: 9 x 5 x 3 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Mini Harp

100 in stock

Mini Harp Wooden Instrument Decor
Mini Harp Wooden Instrument Decor $26.90

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Mini Harp Wooden Instrument Decor
Express your love for music with this Mini Harp Wooden Instrument Decor! It is ideal to decorate at home, in music studios and more! Many people love to play the harp because of the mellow vibe it offers. This model comes in the shape of a harp. Please note that this product is just a model. This means that you can’t play music on it the way you do with a real life-sized harp. Still, it makes a great gift for people who love playing the instrument. It is perfect to give to children too as they will surely have fun pretending to play music on it. This mini harp is of wooden material so it is durable and has a smooth finish.
Great Decoration
Though it may just be a model, it has a realistic design which makes it perfect to use as a decoration. The wires are plastic so they are lightweight and safe because unlike real harp wires, these ones are not sharp. That’s why they are suitable for kids to play with. It is high-quality and it even has a flat base. This way, it can stand on its own so you can display it anywhere you like. Also, since it is wooden, you don’t have to worry about it breaking so easily. Real harps are usually of metal material which makes them fragile. One tiny fall is enough to leave cracks on them or even break them entirely. It’s a good thing that is not a problem for the mini harp.
Small Size
One unique thing about it is that it comes in a small size. This makes it space-efficient and you can either place it on your bedside table, cabinet, or basically anywhere you want. If you want it to serve as a toy for your kid, they can conveniently bring it along when going out of the house too. It has a classic design with basic colors. This allows it to blend in better with the rest of the decorations in your room.