Mini Moving Head LED Stage Light – 8 Gobos RGBW with DMX-512 Control


Mini Moving Head LED Stage Light - 8 Gobos RGBW with DMX-512 Control $153.90

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This product is a ⁢professional LED stage light with a 9/11Channel DMX-512 capability. It ⁢comes with an LED display for simplicity in operation. This stage light is designed with a sound sensor, enabling you to ‍control⁣ color and speed with sound or ⁢music.

This design offers low power consumption while simultaneously providing ⁣high performance. The⁤ four control modes ⁢are additional features that contribute to ⁣its adaptability and convenience. These modes include: DMX512, master slave, sound active, and ​automatic.

Furthermore, it⁤ comes with a⁣ mounting bracket, enabling you to hang it on a truss, put it on the ground or install⁤ it⁤ on a wall. This ⁢light is perfect for a ⁢multitude ⁢of events, such as⁢ club events,⁢ DJ shows,⁢ house parties, ballroom dances, bands, and more.

Functional Features

There are several ‍handy features on this stage ⁤light. Their functions include adjusting the DMX address, ‌changing ‌the channel mode, choosing the show mode, adjusting the dim mode, and⁣ setting the slave mode.

You can also set ‌the audio ⁤sensitivity and select ​the pint ⁢reverse. In addition, you can select the tilt reverse, ⁣make​ modifications to the LCD display,⁢ and check the⁣ temperature display. Finally, ‌you⁢ can perform an auto test and reset the fixture as needed. Note that user ⁤settings are unnecessary for the display⁣ and auto test functions.


When considering the technical aspect, several specifications come to mind. This product ​comes with a 9/11 channel, adaptable to control modes such as DMX512, master/slave, stand-alone strobe, and automatic.

It‌ operates within a voltage ⁣range ⁤of AC 100-240V/50-60Hz and uses a power rating ‍of 25.‍ The stage ​light⁣ offers ⁣eight distinct colors: blue, pink, red, pale blue, yellow, green, orange, and‌ white. The system supports pan/tilt ​of 540 degrees ⁢and 180 degrees⁤ respectively, and electronic dimming from 0-100%.

Depending on your​ regional requirement,‍ the plug type varies as US, EU, ‌AU, or UK. The ⁢exterior ⁤shell of the stage ‍light is made of durable plastic and promises a lifetime of 100,000 hours. It has⁤ a cord measuring 125cm/4.10ft for‌ convenient use.

The​ product weighs around 2670g/5.88lb with dimensions about 14.5 * 17 * 23.5cm/5.7 * 6.69⁤ * 9.25in (L ‍* ‍W * H). The package that you’ll receive‍ measures around 28​ * 26 * 21cm/11.02 * 10.23 * ‌8.26in (L * W * H) and weighs roughly 3188g/7.03lb.

Package List

The package you receive will include one stage light, one set of installation gadgets, two screws, and an instruction manual in English.