Mini WS-200, 2-in-1 Gas and Gasless Welder, 220V Argon Machine


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Gas Welder Mini WS-200 Welding Machine Gas Gasless Welder 220V Argon Welder Welding Machine 2 in 1
Mini WS-200, 2-in-1 Gas and Gasless Welder, 220V Argon Machine $233.99

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Just in case you need more details on our product, please feel free to explore our instructional guide here.

If welding is your passion or profession, then you’ll be interested in our 220V 2IN1 Argon Welder. This welder, also known as the WS-200, stands out with a striking grey and orange exterior. Its compact size, which measures in at 255x170x122mm or 10×6.7×4.8inches, makes it an ideal tool for various practices.

Powered with a voltage of 220V and 50Hz Frequency, this device ensures a reliable and efficient operation. Be it the Welder Cable Adapter of DKJ10-25 or a max current of 200A, this device hosts some impressive specs to meet all your welding requirements.

The Argon Welder’s unique features such as the cutting-edge IGBT inverter technology ensure excellent arc stability for prolonged welding periods. The digital display control allows you to quickly adjust the output current ranging from 10 to 200A. Additionally, the 1-5 seconds gas post-flow time supports adjustment according to your actual welding demand.

Let’s not forget, this device is suitable to weld various materials such as stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel or other non-ferrous metal, offering you sheer versatility in your works.

A word of caution though: Please allow for some slight errors due to manual measurement, ensure you’re comfortable with this before you bid. The color may vary slightly due to differences in display settings. Importantly, always connect the welder to the correct voltage.

Your package will include: 1 x Welder, 2 x Connectors, 1 x Ground Clip, 1 x TIG Torch, 1 x Argon Gas Meter, alongside a selection of Ceramic Cups, Electrodes, TIG Back Caps, a Tungsten Needle, a Tube, a Wrench, and a Strap. To give you a complete experience, we also include 3 extra accessories.

And don’t worry about the adapter, we will distribute it according to your country’s standard.