Modern Style Decorative Sofa Cushion Cover for Home and Living Room


A durable and flexible fabric that you can use in covering your sofa
Has a plain style and simple color which can complement any living room design
Washable, eco-friendly, and it can protect your couch against wear and tear
Material: Polyester

Sofa Cushion Cover Modern Style
Modern Style Decorative Sofa Cushion Cover for Home and Living Room $37.36$62.96

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Product Description: Modern Style Sofa Cushion Cover

This cover for sofa cushions takes a modern approach, with a simple, monochrome design. Its fabric is soft and comfortable, offering an ideal shield for your couch against dirt and dust. This is particularly beneficial if you have pets that share your space. The cover can be easily utilized to encase the sofa in your living room, providing advantages seen commonly in contemporary households.

Available in four varying colors and sizes, you can choose a cover that complements your living room’s aesthetic while ensuring the right fit. It’s made from a polyester fabric and is straightforward in its use, suitable for placement on both the seat and backrest of your couch.

Importance of Sofa Covers

Sofa covers serve various purposes in our homes, rooms and offices, but their most notable attribute is their practicality. Furniture, and especially sofas, are subject to a high degree of wear and tear, especially where there’s frequent usage or visitors. Sofas are often the most used piece of furniture in the home and these covers offer protection against lasting damage.

Maintenance: Easy & Washable

Maintaining the cleanliness of these cushion covers is an effortless task. Washing them periodically is essential in keeping your environment fresh and clean. They’re able to be cleaned using mild detergent, an essential feature for individuals with sensitive skin as the use of gentle cleaning products reduces the likelihood of skin irritation.