Modern White LED Ceiling Lamp – Ideal for Kitchen, Balcony, Porch


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Modern White LED Ceiling Lamp - Ideal for Kitchen, Balcony, Porch $13.99$53.99

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This ceiling light boasts of a minimalist line design, making it an excellent choice for various settings ⁣including your kitchen, balcony, and porch. Its ​LED light source ⁣offers consistent, bright illumination while being energy-efficient.


The ceiling light features a superior-quality⁤ LED chip housed within a ⁢highly ‍translucent, ultra-thin acrylic shell. Designed to be kind to your eyes, the ⁣light output is free from⁤ flashing,​ glaring, or radiation. Its high efficiency ensures optimal brightness. The design works well ​with modern home aesthetics. This makes it ‍well-suited for placement in the living room, kitchen, balcony, porch⁢ and⁤ similar ‍spaces.


Shell Material: Acrylic

Type: Available in Gold line ‍and Silver line

Item⁢ Size: The light is available in two sizes⁢ – 220 220 50mm / 8.66 8.66 1.97in and 300‌ 300 50mm / 11.81 11.81 1.97in

Capacity: The 220220mm​ variant is ⁢12W, while the 300300mm⁢ variant is⁤ 24W

Light Color:⁣ White

Voltage: 220-V

Irradiation ​Area: The 220220mm ⁤lamp illuminates a space of about 4㎡ -6㎡, and⁤ the 300300mm⁢ variant lights up about ⁣5㎡ -8㎡

Shell Shape: Square

Package Weight: The 220220mm ‍version weighs 350g / 12.35ounces, and the⁤ 300300mm version is about 600g / 21.16ounces

Package‌ Size: The ⁢220220mm ⁤variant comes in a package sized 226 226 96mm / 8.9 8.9 3.78in, and the 300300mm version comes in a box measuring 305 305 96mm / 12.01 ​12.01 3.78in

Package List

Contained within the package is 1 ceiling lamp and a user manual.