MR1 Li-ion Battery Precision Screwdriver by iFu: Magnetic Cordless Electric Mini Manual Screwdriver Bit Set


iFu MR1 Li-ion Battery Precision Screwdriver Magnetic Cordless Electric Screwdriver Mini Manual Screw Driver Bit Set
MR1 Li-ion Battery Precision Screwdriver by iFu: Magnetic Cordless Electric Mini Manual Screwdriver Bit Set $49.99

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Dive into the world of seamless, efficient DIY repairs with this redefining iFU MR1 repairing screwdriver set. Constructed from robust S2 Aluminum Alloy Steel and powered by a lithium-ion battery, this versatile tool is a gem in your maintenance kit.

Quick charging is the game with a DC 3.7V input voltage and a 40-minute charge time. There’s more, its cordless design offers the freedom of movement and assures a standby time exceeding 180 days on full charge. Talking of performance, the MR1 model is impressive with a speed of 200r/min and a maximum torque of 0.2/3N.m. Further, it can single-handedly manage the assembly of about 800 precision screws on full charge.

It’s all about bits when it comes to screwdrivers. This model comes with diverse 4x28mm bits perfectly designed to fit into screw heads across your home and workspace. From conventional cross bits for household appliances and electronic products to unique hexagon bits for professional equipment like drones, models, and engines, the MR1 has it all. Need to dismantle your mobile phone, computer, game controller, or razor? It’s got you covered with a T-type bit. Even those tricky five-star or Y type screws are not a challenge anymore.

The tool’s defining feature, however, is its combination of electric and manual operation which guarantees efficiency and safety. On top of that, the high-precision carbon brush motor stands out with its no-load speed of 200r/min. Forget about poor lighting disturbing your repair work, thanks to the handy 3 LED shadowless light on the screwdriver. This tool is truly a godsend for maintenance tasks of quartz watches, tablet PCs, smartphones, drones, joysticks, RC cars, hard drives, children’s toys, and more.

The MR1 comes in a compact, yet spacious storage box with six independent batch storage spaces and the ability to expand capacity through superimposable layers. The box houses all of your tool needs including the main screwdriver tool itself, 23 screw bits, handy tweezers, a crowbar, magnetic plates, a magnetizer, and suction cups. Double bonus – the box also features magnetizer and demagnetizer functions!

Tackle those tedious maintenance tasks head-on with the iFU MR1 repairing screwdriver set. Get efficient, reliable, and safe with a tool that completes your kit.