Muffin Maker Electric Kitchen Appliance


This Muffin Maker can cook twenty-five pieces of muffins at a time
It has a non-stick cooking surface that prevents the food from burning
The control knobs of this muffin maker are easy to access and are user-friendly
Material: Stainless Steel, Non-Stick Coating
Voltage: 220V, 50Hz   / Power: 0.8KW
Size: 340 x 310 x 200 mm / Plug Variants: US, EU, UK, AU
Package Contents:

1 x Muffin Maker

Muffin Maker Electric Kitchen Appliance
Muffin Maker Electric Kitchen Appliance $499.00

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Muffin Maker Electric Kitchen Appliance
Breakfast has never been this easy to prepare with the Muffin Maker Electric Kitchen Appliance! It is convenient to use and food-safe as well! Whether it is for home use or for commercial, this muffin maker will surely make your life easier. Instead of cooking muffins one by one in the oven or in a pan, you can cook multiple pieces at once using this muffin maker. It has twenty-five slots which means that you can cook that number of muffins at a time. The muffin maker itself is of stainless steel material which is high-quality. It is durable and has a smooth surface that is easy to clean later on once the cooking process is over.
Non-Stick Coating
The good thing about this is that it has a non-stick coating on its surface. It can be tricky to cook food that comes from batter because they often stick to the cooking surface. Also, since the batter is liquid, they often flow into crevices and cracks that can be very challenging to clean up after. Don’t worry because thanks to its non-stick coating, you can easily remove the muffins once they are cooked. It is less likely that food particles will stick on the surface so cleaning up after should be no problem. Non-stick surfaces also prevent burning or overcooking.
User-Friendly Controls
One of the best features of this muffin maker is that it has an easy to access control panel. It has a simple knob control so it is very user-friendly and even beginners can easily learn to operate it. It has high conductivity which allows it to heat faster than other types of muffin makers. In just about three to five minutes, the muffins will be ready and you can serve them to your guests already. Also, it works with a power of 0.8KW and that is more energy-saving than others.