Multi-Function Kitchen Sink Cutting Board with Built-In Strainer


Small kitchen space? No problem! You can now maximize the space in your kitchen counter when you use this over the sink cutting board with strainer!
You can also remove the strainer from the chopping board in case you need to use them separately
The strainer is retractable, perfect for easy and convenient storing!
Size: 50cm x 28.5cm/Strainer Diameter: 22cm/Product Material: PP+TPR/Product Weight: About 1kg
Package Content:

1 x Chopping Board Strainer

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Multi-Function Kitchen Sink Cutting Board with Built-In Strainer $39.33

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Product Description: Sink Cutting Board with Strainer

If you’re working within a compact kitchen space,​ the sink cutting board with strainer is a ​versatile tool designed to‌ optimize your countertop usage. This ⁤unique product combines a‌ cutting board and a basket ​strainer, assisting in the​ preparation of​ meals by conserving space and minimizing⁤ kitchen clutter.

After chopping your vegetables on the board, you ‍can conveniently transfer them to the attached basket strainer for rinsing. Keeping your cooking ‍process smooth and streamlined, this cutting ⁤board with strainer is a practical household essential.

Functional Innovation

One key aspect that distinguishes this cutting board is its dual functionality. It is a fusion of⁤ two indispensable kitchen tools: a chopping board and a strainer. By combining these two⁤ commonly used items, you can transition seamlessly from chopping ⁢to rinsing without the need for separate tools.

Furthermore, the design allows it to rest flat on your kitchen sink, facilitating optimal⁢ usage of your countertop space for other cooking necessities. Embrace the convenience offered by this multi-functional tool​ designed⁢ for everyday use.

Retractable and ⁢Detachable Strainer

Designed with practicality in ⁤mind, the basket ‍strainer of this ⁣cutting board is retractable, making storage effortless. It folds flat for minimal storage ‌space and can even be detached from the board ‌if required. This allows​ for individual usage of both the board and the strainer, catering to your specific kitchen needs.