Multifunctional Coffee Scoop with Integrated Measuring Spoon and Bag Clip


Scoop out coffee better rather than just using a regular spoon with this coffee scoop
Aside from being a scoop, you can use this as a bag seal clip since the handle of this scoop is a clip
It has an attractive design and is also versatile as you can use this as a scoop for other things
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 175 x 37mm
Package Content:

1 x Coffee Scoop Measuring Spoon Clip

Coffee Scoop Measuring Spoon Clip
Multifunctional Coffee Scoop with Integrated Measuring Spoon and Bag Clip $14.90

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Product Description:

Coffee Scoop Measuring Spoon Clip

One of the first items many people reach for in the morning is their coffee. It’s a drink that has seamlessly integrated itself into the daily routine of countless individuals, providing an energy boost to start the day. But to make a good cup of coffee, you need the right tools. This coffee scoop, for instance, is an excellent item for accurately measuring your coffee. With this, you can prevent the all-too-common problem of coffee powder or granules spilling out when using a standard spoon. This is a worthwhile investment that streamlines your coffee preparation process.

Bag Clip Scoop Functionality

This coffee scoop is more than just a tool for measuring. It also functions as a bag clip. For those who prefer buying their coffee in bags, sealing the bag after use can be a hassle. This coffee scoop solves that problem. By pressing together the end of the handle, it doubles as a clip that you can use to seal your coffee bag. This dual-function feature allows you to conveniently scoop your coffee immediately after opening the bag.

Multipurpose Appearance and Versatility

This coffee scoop is not only aesthetically pleasing but also multifaceted. While it’s a great tool for coffee lovers, you can use it for other kitchen products as well, making it a versatile item that can be utilized to scoop, measure, and seal a variety of items in your kitchen.