Multifunctional Home Kitchen Refrigerator Voltage Protector – Electrical Safety Switch


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Multifunctional Home Kitchen Refrigerator Voltage Protector - Electrical Safety Switch $9.88

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This product⁣ offers automatic surge protection for your electrical appliances, which ensures their ⁢safety‌ and⁤ longevity.


With an IP20 protection ‌class, this electrical ​socket is dust-proof and can withstand brief exposure to water, making it suitable for ​damp environments.

Upon connecting to ‌power and when ⁣the voltage is ‍between 175-260VAC, the socket will indicate ‍this with⁤ a yellow light. After a delay of approximately 5 minutes – or by pressing the on/off button directly – the green ⁣light⁤ will continuously stay on and the ⁤power⁣ will start to output voltage.

If the voltage drops below 175VAC or rises above ‌260VAC upon ‌power connection, the socket directly enters a voltage protection mode. In⁢ this mode, the ​red light will continuously stay on and⁤ no power will be output.

When the product is in voltage protection mode (red⁢ light⁤ on), and the voltage⁣ rises above 190VAC or⁣ the high⁤ voltage drops below 240VAC, the yellow light will turn on. The socket will resume normal operation after a delay of about 5‌ minutes.

The⁢ on/off‍ button is only functional when the voltage is‍ in the normal working range. In⁤ voltage protection mode, the on/off button ⁢is unusable.

If ⁣the voltage becomes⁣ unstable and goes ⁢out of the ‌normal range during⁣ normal operation, the product will‌ directly‌ enter voltage protection mode and there will be no power output.


Plug: EU, US, UK ‍(optional)
Main color: White
Delay​ time: 5~6 Minutes
Power: ‍3680W⁣ MAX
Voltage​ protection range: 175-260V
Item size: 106 * 70 * 51mm / 4.2 * 2.8 * 2.0in
Package size: 114 ⁣* 82‌ * ⁣65mm ‌/ 4.5 * 3.2 * 2.6in
Package weight: 130g / 4.6ounce

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