Multipurpose Shoulder Bag with Shoe Compartment – Durable and Stylish


A two-layer bag; a mesh bag on top and a shoe compartment in the bottom
An ideal beach bag because you can utilize the shoe compartment to separate your wet clothes from the dry ones
It has a stylish, high-end design at a reasonable price!
Material: Nylon / Capacity: 20-35L
Mesh Bag Size: 44 x 28 cm / Compartment Size: 12 x 15.5 x 34 cm / Pouch Size: 16.5 x 20 cm
Package Content Variants:

1 x Bag with Shoe Compartment (Pink, Black, Red)
1 x Bag with Shoe Compartment + 1 x Makeup Pouch (Pink, Black, Red)

Bag with Shoe Compartment Shoulder Bag
Multipurpose Shoulder Bag with Shoe Compartment - Durable and Stylish $37.27$38.69

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Product Description:

Introducing our Multifunctional Bag with Shoe Compartment. This bag is precisely designed to neatly organize and carry your belongings. It features a range of compartments, including a unique shoe section, making this bag ideal if you often carry an extra pair of footwear.

As shoes are regularly in contact with the ground, they can carry dirt and potential bacteria; this bag’s shoe compartment keeps your shoes segregated from your other items, ensuring cleanliness and reducing the risk of contamination.

![Bag with Shoe Compartment Image]

The top section of this dual-purpose bag is a generously sized mesh-style element, perfect for housing your essentials. The lower section serves as the shoe compartment equipped with a flat base, making it stand upright conveniently. As an added perk, this bag comes with a handed zipper pouch, which can easily accommodate your make-up and toiletry items.

As a bonus, this bag doubles as a superb beach bag. Going on a beach trip? Utilize the shoe compartment for your damp clothes, swimming goggles, snorkel, and beach sandals. The separation compartment keeps your wet and dry items apart, ensuring your belongings stay fresh and dry.

![Beach Bag Image]

The top portion of this bag, made from a mesh material, provides additional storage for your beach essentials, enough to hold your beach attire and even a beach blanket. The bag also includes a long shoulder strap for comfortable and convenient transportation.

![Mesh Bag Image]

And that’s not all! This bag is designed to be as chic as it is practical. It is stylish, with a design that reflects high-end fashion, making it seem luxurious. Aside from its main compartments, it also features a front zipper pocket for easy access to your frequently used items like keys, cards, and other smaller valuables.

In summary, this bag is a versatile piece that effortlessly marries style and functionality. It promises a range of uses, accommodating various needs and preferences in one compact yet capacious design.

![Fashionable Bag Image]